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Where data understanding happens.

See how NodeGraph reveals deep insights into an organization’s data, allowing businesses to make much quicker, more trusted, and controlled decisions from its data.

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Why NodeGraph

Discover how to get the most value from your data.

NodeGraph is a leading data intelligence platform with the only fully-automated metadata management tool. Further functionalities include end-to-end data lineage, data cataloging, unit and regression testing, impact analysis and data migration.

Confidently TRUST your data

NodeGraph provides you with easy access and transparency of your company’s data and its sources. Knowing the what, where, how and why gives you confidence that everyone is using the right data to make actual, rather than assumed, decisions.

Learn how our platform instils data trust.

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Only ever use good QUALITY data again

Organizations want to be sure of the validity of their data. NodeGraph makes this possible by tracking and tracing the origins, movements, and touchpoints of data to provide insight into its quality and uncover its value.

Discover how NodeGraph does this.

Be in total CONTROL of your data

Being in control of your data means you can act confidently rather than reactively and it gives you the capability to scale. NodeGraph allows you to experience immediate control with comprehensive data transparency at your fingertips.

See how you can achieve better data control.

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Achieve company-wide COLLABORATION

Better data understanding through collaboration can help a business to innovate and grow. NodeGraph’s intuitive platform makes data sharing across an organization much simpler which helps ensure the right people understand the right data to deliver accurate results.

Let our Data Catalog show you how.


Don’t waste time, resource, and money when the only fully automated metadata extraction platform on the market can do the work for you! Enable easy sharing of data throughout the organization, automate documents and testing and reduce errors.

See our powerful Data Quality Manager.

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Supported tools

NodeGraph’s automated data intelligence platform helps any company achieve data understanding by connecting ALL their data touchpoints. Here are just a few of the tools that we support:

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