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Everyone has the right to understand their data

Explore, visualize and trace where your QlikView® and Qlik Sense® data comes from, whether it’s up-to-date, how it’s calculated, and much more with our data lineage and governance tools.

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Make better decisions

NodeGraph makes it possible for you to understand and trust where the data in your Qlik® Solution comes from by mapping its full journey.

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Why NodeGraph

Take control of your data

Take control of your Qlik® Solution with the help of visualization and governance tools.

  • Gain insight into where your data comes from
  • Find out how your data is interrelated
  • Know exactly when your data was last updated

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Explore, Visualize, Trace

Get full access to the data lineage of your QlikView® and/or Qlik Sense® Solutions.

  • Explore and visualize your data from initial input to final application
  • Identify exactly what files are being used throughout your solution
  • Keep track of the personal data stored in your solution using our GDPR module

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Are you tired of manual documentation?

Stop wasting precious time and resources and say goodbye to manual documentation. With NodeGraph, you can generate your full Qlik® system documentation with a single click.

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Secure that everything is working as it should

Secure that your data is following your set guidelines with the help of unit and regression testing.

  • Identify problems
  • Be confident that everything is working as it should
  • Eliminate the need for manual checkups

Explore our testing, governance, and visualization features →

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Import your solution

Our software is compatible with both QlikView® and Qlik Sense® and is an out-of-the-box solution.


Customize your environment

Decide exactly how you want your NodeGraph environment to be set up.


Explore your data

Explore data lineage, set up your governance structure, or begin creating automated documentation.

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