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nodegraph main background
nodegraph main background

Make the switch to the smarter, all-in-one data intelligence stack.

Choose NodeGraph — the automated solution for all your data & analytics tools — collecting data governance, data quality, data catalog and data lineage functionalities all under one roof.

Watch Demo
Watch Demo

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A different kind of data intelligence platform.

Use automated data lineage, cataloging and testing to secure a data and analytics governance framework that evolves with your business – enabling both business and IT users to be in full control of the entire data journey.






full nodegraph stack



Data understanding

Data trust

Data control

Faster data access

Data-driven culture

Smarter growth

Time & money saving

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Discover. Trust. Act.

Automatically reveal real-time insights into your data — all the way from data creation to data consumption — and make quicker, validated and smarter decisions.


Connect all your data & analytics platforms in one place.

NodeGraph’s metadata management platform acts as a connector between all your data & analytics platforms — revealing unified insights in one single dashboard.

Visualization tools
Data warehouses
Cloud services


Bridge the gap between BI, IT and business teams.

Let NodeGraph connect separated teams, ensuring that everyone is relying on the same and single version of the truth.

nodegraph bi persona

For BI teams

Easily understand, govern and search across landscape. Visualize full data flow, secure consistency and quality.

nodegraph it persona

For IT teams

Simply data & analytics governance using automated data lineage, cataloging & BI testing.

nodegraph business user persona

For Business teams

Search for validated metrics, collaborate using data and make decisions based on trustworthy data.

Join 270+ enterprises in making smarter data-driven decisions.

Watch NodeGraph in action.

Sometimes you need to see it to believe it.

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