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Data intelligence platform

Where data understanding happens.

NodeGraph reveals deep insights into an organization’s data, allowing businesses to make quicker, more trusted and controlled decisions.

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A better way to work with data.

Nobody’s data journey is the same. Whether you are looking for holistic data governance, end-to-end impact analysis or need help migrating your data solution, NodeGraph does it best.

Data Governance

Secure that your BI landscape is correctly and currently aligned with your overall governance strategy.

Data Discovery

Contextualize and understand your data using our comprehensive metadata dictionary.

Impact Analysis

Gain access to your full data story using automated and visualized end-to-end data lineage.

Data Migration

Automatically map your entire metadata landscape and ensure you only migrate correct data.

Automated Documentation

Automatically and instantly document your entire metadata landscape. Always up to date.

Data Compliance

Access a user-friendly overview of your data landscape. Automatically generate regulation reporting.

Join 270+ enterprises in making smarter
data-driven decisions.

Join 270+ enterprises in making smarter data-driven decisions.

Why NodeGraph

Discover the benefits of the NodeGraph platform.

NodeGraph combines the best of end-to-end data lineage, data cataloging, unit and regression testing, impact analysis and data migration to help you get the most value out of your data.

Confidently TRUST your data

NodeGraph provides transparency of your company’s data and its sources, allowing you to make accurate, data-driven decisions across your organization.

Only ever use quality data again

Ensure the validity of your company data and unlock powerful automated data quality assurance with the use of visualization and testing functionalities.

Be in control of your data

Say goodbye to reactive decisions and experience immediate control, confidence and scalability with comprehensive data transparency at your fingertips.

Achieve company-wide collaboration

NodeGraph’s intuitive platform makes data sharing across your organization much simpler — helping to ensure that the right people understand the right data and are able to deliver accurate results.

Enjoy full automation

Don’t waste time, resources and money when the only fully automated metadata extraction platform on the market can do the work for you.

Supported tools

NodeGraph’s automated data intelligence platform helps any company achieve data understanding by connecting ALL their data touchpoints. Here are just a few of the tools that we support:

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