Published On: August 25th, 2019Categories: Data GuideBy 1.6 min read

5 reasons you should NOT be using NodeGraph

1. You think it’s exciting to wonder where your data is coming from.

It’s always fun to log into your Qlik account and contemplate what is actually happening behind the scenes of it all. Is the data really relevant? Is it up-to-date? Does it comply with your governance framework? Who knows. It’s all so thrilling!

2. You find it therapeutic to manually document everything.

Making a cup of coffee, putting on your comfortable clothes and sitting down on the couch with documentation work is an ideal Sunday evening. Wait, why are you working on a Sunday? Because you didn’t have time to finish everything during your regular office hours. But it’s no bother. You love this incessant paperwork.

3. You think it’s best if there’s only ONE person within your organization who knows how your Qlik solution is built.

Why should you need to worry about it when someone else already is? Too right. There is really no need for the entire organization to have access to their full data lineage at the click of a button. No need at all.

4. You think “Data Quality” and “Data Lineage” are nothing but trendy industry buzzwords.

Data quality is unnecessary. As long as everything is running smoothly above-ground, why mess with a good thing?

5. You’re too spontaneous and fun-loving to worry about consequences.

So what if you are costing your organization unnecessary money and time? You are having fun. Do you!


Obviously, we are kidding. Please contact us if this is NOT you.

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