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We believe in data quality ✌

Here at NodeGraph, we believe that everyone has the right to data quality. So, back in 2016, we developed a platform that will help you take full advantage of the data in your Qlik®  Solution. We provide you with the tools to visualize, analyze and understand your Qlik environment in an intuitive way and let you focus on making better decisions.

Meet Some of our Amazing Customers

We are extremely proud to be working with companies around the world – helping them improve the data quality of their Qlik® Solutions. How about we let them tell you more about it?

orthoillinois nodegraph qlik sense qlikview data quality
mercy ships qlikview qlik sense nodegraph
lance kartchner varex imaging nodegraph qlik sense qlikview

“On trialing NodeGraph I found it does exactly what I need it to and it seems like an indispensable tool for any QlikView user with a sizeable estate. I’ve looked for a tool that does just this for a long time.”

Hannah Coutts,
BI developer at The University of St Andrews

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orthoillinois nodegraph qlik sense qlikview data quality

“NodeGraph blew me away with its ability to develop an intuitive, but incredibly powerful product that will have immediate returns for our organization.”

Brandon Droy
Business Intelligence Analyst at OrthoIllinois

“We needed a way to see the impact and implications of various changes in our data models and Qlik implementation. NodeGraph has given us a beautiful and easy way to see the dependencies and connections in our data so we know how our decisions affect the whole story. They are a pleasure to work with and we’re a better organization because of our collaboration with them. Thank you NodeGraph!”

Weston Kingsley
Data and Process Services Manager at Mercy Ships

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mercy ships qlikview qlik sense nodegraph
lance kartchner varex imaging nodegraph qlik sense qlikview

“The first time that we saw NodeGraph, seeing that it showed me a path all the way from the dashboard that I was looking at all the way back to the data source that I was pulling it from (the raw data) – I instantly knew that I needed to see that and understand how that works.”

Lance Kartchner
BI Team Lead at Varex Imaging Corporation

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