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Add-ons & Integrations

Do the most for your organization with the help of our diverse add-ons and integrations.

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Extend your Qlik data lineage beyond your Qlik applications and into your final NPrinting reports.

Sense extension

Seamlessly access NodeGraph insights in Qlik Sense, including valuable and current information about your NodeGraph environment.

Documentation scheduler

Take automated documentation to the next level with the use of our Documentation Scheduler. Select a range of applications and choose how often you want them to be documented to stay on top of your Qlik solution always.

Field Tracker

Our Field Tracker makes it easy for you to keep track of the data stored in your Qlik solution by allowing you to automatically create customized reports.

Import/Export lineage

NodeGraph supports the import and export of data lineage, allowing for a seamless user experience.


Our partnership with Collibra allows you to export your NodeGraph data lineage into your Collibra solution.


NodeGraph’s REST API further allows for flexibility and customized integrations.

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“We needed a way to see the impact and implications of various changes in our data models and Qlik implementation. NodeGraph has given us a beautiful and easy way to see the dependencies and connections in our data so we know how our decisions affect the whole story. They are a pleasure to work with and we’re a better organization because of our collaboration with them.”

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“The first time that we saw NodeGraph, seeing that it showed me a path all the way from the dashboard that I was looking at all the way back to the data source that I was pulling it from – I instantly knew that I needed to see that and understand how that works. NodeGraph is good stuff is all I got to say. It’s already, just in the last few weeks since we installed it, saved us hours!”