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NodeGraph is compatible with data software, including Power BI, Tableau and Qlik. Scroll down to explore our metadata management features.

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Data Atlas

Data lineage visualization

Visualize how the data travels throughout your BI solution, from the data source to the end-user application (prioritizing metadata management).

Data lineage script

See the entire script of your chosen field, telling you what transformations that have been applied to the field, from initial input to final application.

Data catalog

Search and explore what’s inside your BI solution with our Data Catalog. With a seamless interface, our Data Catalog optimizes metadata management, data transparency, and collaboration in your team.


Take stock of your BI solution with the help of Reports, making sure your data is structured according to your guidelines. All of the reports can be exported into Excel.

Automated documentation

Generate your BI system documentation automatically, collecting all the node comments, metadata, tables, fields, related files and database statements for the chosen application into one single document.

Data Quality Manager

KPI testing

Test expressions by running unit tests on your applications. Compare current and previous values, one expression to another, and even application against application.

Baseline testing

Perform an object-by-object comparison in an application, verifying the latest state and the comparison state, and mitigate unexpected impacts of new data.

Test data currency

Perform automated BI testing to make sure that all the data in your landscape is up to date.

Comparison tests

Compare and test two separate data elements against each other, ensuring that certain assets remain consistent across solutions and softwares.

Regression testing

Run unit and regression tests to ensure that historical and static data that should remain unchanged does just that.

End-to-end data testing

Compare KPIs and expressions in your end-user application with your raw data tables, ensuring that your data transformations create the expected outcome

Email & Slack notifications

Automatically get alerted about the status of your tests via email and/or Slack.

Add-ons & Integrations


Extend your data lineage beyond your Qlik applications and into your final NPrinting reports.

Sense extensions

Seamlessly access NodeGraph insights in Qlik Sense, including valuable and current information about your NodeGraph environment.

Documentation scheduler

Take automated documentation to the next level with the use of our Documentation Scheduler. Select a range of applications and choose how often you want them to be documented to stay on top of your BI solution always.

Field tracker

Our Field Tracker makes it easy for you to keep track of the data stored in your BI solution by allowing you to automatically create customized reports.

Import/Export lineage

NodeGraph supports the import and export of data lineage, allowing for a seamless user experience.


Our partnership with Collibra allows you to export your NodeGraph data lineage into your Collibra solution.


NodeGraph’s REST API further allows for flexibility and customized integrations.