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The Big Data Facts Update 2020

The below 2018 figures are already out-of-date as the amount of data out there continues to grow at such a rapid pace, we can barely keep up! So we’ve reviewed and refreshed the stats to determine just how much data is on the internet now, and bring you up to speed on what happens in just one online minute in The Big Data Facts update 2020.

Big Data facts – How much data is out there?

We decided to be a little “meta” and collect some data on Big Data. Read on to discover specific statistics related to internet users around the world. We’ve also thrown in some data predictions in terms of what the future has in store for us. Enjoy!

User data

How many people are actually using online platforms? We’ll tell you. Below you’ll find aggregated numbers from an array of sources. Feel free to click on the statistics to backtrack to the source.

Online activity

Alright, so we’ve discussed how many people are online. But let’s dive into some statistics related to what they are actually doing.

Future Predictions

So let’s look into the future. Albeit, predictions aren’t always to be trusted (especially considering some of these were made a couple of years ago), but we decided to include them anyway.

By the year 2020 (not as far away as it sounds),

The possibilities are endless

If these Big Data facts didn’t leave you feeling full of opportunities, let this final fact do that for you:

So we’ve got quantity – but what about quality?

To accompany these big data facts, we also think it’s important to highlight that it’s not all about quantity. Here are some figures and trends exploring the current state of data quality across the globe.

Did you know that the average organization is losing $13.5 million per year as a result of poor Data Quality? (Gartner, 2015) On top of this, 25% of companies in the U.S. do not trust that their data is accurate (Experian, 2013) and, from a more role-specific perspective, 84% of CEOs worry about the quality of the data within their organizations. (KPMG, 2016)

As if this wasn’t enough to highlight the problem, a study by Deloitte (2014) showed that companies believe that barriers to using data effectively are most commonly related to a lack of quality (67% of the time). To break this down further, this means that if organizations managed to hone in on an increased level of quality, 67% of their issues when it comes to using data effectively would be solved.

However, at the moment, there is a shockingly low adoption rate when it comes to integrating strategies to promote and ensure high-quality data. As is depicted further through the pie-chart above, only 18% of organizations around the world have an optimized strategy in place with a dire 17% of companies currently operating without one in place. (Experian, 2017)

If you want to find out more, head over to “How much is poor Data Quality costing you?”.

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