Björn Olsson from Millnet BI answers some NodeGraph questions

Björn Olsson, CEO at Millnet BI, stopped by and answered a few of our questions about NodeGraph. Enjoy the full interview.

“I’m Björn Olsson, CEO Millnet BI.”

What was your first impression of NodeGraph?

“So I’m not really sure when I saw NodeGraph first but I believe it was last year on Qonnections that we saw a brief demo. And we’ve been working [together] practically since I think it’s January or February with the NodeGraph and I believe it’s a brilliant solution.”

What is your favorite NodeGraph feature?

“So far we’ve only implemented it on a few customers. Why I like it is because it’s so rapid, we can install it in a matter of like four hours. We get a whole overview of all the data – where it comes from and where it goes. It’s really helpful – both for us and for the clients.”

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