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Boost Data Confidence

Boost data confidence within your organization by understanding and trusting the data within your Qlik® Solution.

Increase Understanding

Be Prepared

boost data confidence with nodegraph data quality platform for qlikview and qlik sense

Boost Data Confidence

Gain understanding of what goes on behind the scenes of your Qlik® Solution by using our testing, governance, and visualization features.

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Trust stems from understanding

Ever wonder where your data comes from? We’ll show you. Our Dependency Explorer makes it easy for you to visualize where your data comes from and how it is interrelated along the way. This means showing you how the data travels throughout your solution, from the data source to the end-user application.

Basically, we provide all the information that is hidden behind your Qlik® Solution so that you can understand and trust your QlikView® Worksheets.

Rob Wunderlich, AKA QlikView Cookbook:

Confidence closes that gap between the CEO and the person who produced the data.”

Be prepared

By creating automated tests with NodeGraph, you are able to secure that your data is following your set data quality guidelines – allowing you to feel secure in your data. Stay one step ahead of any problems that you might have in your Qlik® Solution and feel confident in your data.

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