Regulations & data compliance.

Access an easy and user-friendly overview of your data landscape and all its touchpoints. Automatically generate regulation reporting. Experience data compliance.

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Data Compliance
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Readily access a complete data overview.

Instant & comprehensive data lineage
Contextualize your data by automatically tracking lineage from source to output — identifying changes, user access and risk points.

Automated regulation reporting
Ensure accurate, current and complete regulation reporting with our automated documentation engine.

Total control of personal data.

A centralized inventory of personal data items
Automatically map where the personal data items exist, identify user access and produce complete lineage.

Instant & accurate response to subject access requests
All prepared for documentation requirements and reports like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), GDPR or PII.

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How it works.

Seamlessly trace all the personal data in your landscape and access a full overview of its usage.

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Explore the full NodeGraph platform.

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Data Lineage

Gain access to your full data story using beautifully visualized end-to-end data lineage and carry out meaningful impact analysis.

Data Catalog

Search and explore what’s inside your BI solution. Optimize metadata management, data transparency and collaboration.

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Automated Documentation

Generate BI system documentation and regulation reports automatically, collecting all necessary information in one single document.

Quality Assurance

Ensure that your data is following your governance guidelines using automated and standardized benchmark tests.