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Take back control with full data transparency.

Access a complete overview of your data and analytics landscape to immediately locate data and user access records. Further simplify data compliance with our automated documentation engine.

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Access a full and comprehensive data landscape overview

Create and maintain a culture of data transparency and trust

Save time and resources with automated documentation

Connect NodeGraph with your favorite visualization tools, data warehouses and cloud services.

Connect NodeGraph with your favorite visualization tools, data warehouses and cloud services.

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Tools to help you achieve data compliance.

Access a centralized inventory of personal data items.

Enjoy a Google-like search covering entire landscape
Automatically make your entire data landscape searchable using our Data Catalog to easily locate all personal data items and user access records.

Full data lineage — from data source to point of consumption
Further contextualize your data by using our full data lineage map to better understand where your data exists, how it processed, stored and used.

Maintain data compliance using automated documentation.

Enjoy accurate, current and completely automated reporting
Simplify the reporting process for regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), GDPR, PII, CCPA, HIPAA and FedRAMP with the help of our with our automated and customizable documentation engine.

Fast and reliable subject access request response
Automatically produce documentation describing user access to specific sensitive and personal data elements.

Learn more about data compliance, transparency and control.

Explore the full NodeGraph platform.

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