Enable data access across your entire organization.

Empower end-users to discover, contextualize and understand company data with the help of a user-friendly Data Catalog and full data lineage visualization — for meaningful business insights.

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Search, contextualize and better understand your data assets

Enable faster and smarter data access for your entire organization

Save time with automated data lineage and documention

Connect NodeGraph with your favorite visualization tools, data warehouses and cloud services.

Connect NodeGraph with your favorite visualization tools, data warehouses and cloud services.

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Enterprise-grade metadata management, simplified.

Better data discovery for everyone in the organization.

Search and explore what’s inside your BI solution
Enjoy a Google-like search across all your data components, their interdependences and user permissions.

Democratize data through personalized data access
With tailored role-based views and AI recommendations, Data Catalog is a safe place for all users to explore their company data — regardless of technical know-how.

Share and collaborate for richer data insights
Business teams can collaborate through ratings, comments and business descriptions directly in our KPI and App Glossaries.

Gain actionable insights with automated data mapping and full data lineage.

Access an interactive overview of your entire data landscape
Use automated data mapping to visualize the data lineage of your entire landscape, from data source to end-user BI application.

Simplified and customizable data lineage for business users
Tailor visualizations to business teams using our simplified data lineage interface and enable all users to understand both data and context.

Optimize time management with automation
Drastically reduce time spent on manually mapping and documenting your landscape with fully automated software.

Identify inconsistencies and improve data quality.

See the entire script of your chosen field in our Field Tracker, telling you exactly what transformations that have been applied to the specific data asset, from initial input to final application.

Establish a single version of the truth.

Test your environment with our Data Quality Manager to automatically identify outliers, missing values, duplicates, unauthorised changes and more — ensuring that your entire organization is operating off of a single version of the truth.

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“The first time that we saw NodeGraph, seeing that it showed me a path all the way from the dashboard that I was looking at all the way back to the data source that I was pulling it from (the raw data) – I instantly knew that I needed to see that and understand how that works.”

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Lance Kartchner, Varex Imaging Corporation

Make data discovery easier for everyone.

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BI teams

Reveal insights into all tables, fields, content and KPIs throughout you BI landscape and ensure that they are used in a consistent way.

IT teams

Easily identify inconsistencies in your data and its usage. Better understand how BI is adopted and used by the business organization.

Business teams

Search through existing KPIs and apps — unlocking a more fast-paced and agile way to work with and understand BI data.

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Accelerate data intelligence today.

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