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Effortlessly carry out data and analytics governance.

Leverage data lineage, cataloging and testing to secure a data and analytics governance framework that evolves with your business – enabling you to be in full control of the entire data journey.

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Full data overview — from data source to point of consumption

Facilitate data and analytics governance across teams

Achieve data control, trust and understanding

Connect NodeGraph with your favorite visualization tools, data warehouses and cloud services.

Connect NodeGraph with your favorite visualization tools, data warehouses and cloud services.

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Work smarter with scalable data governance tools.

Health-check your analytics solution with NodeGraph Dashboard.

Access a comprehensive health check of your BI and analytics solution with the help of our NodeGraph Dashboard — presenting a full overview of the state and usage of your entire analytics solution.

Data Quality Index

One Single Truth

Governed Data Sources

Data Literacy Index

Collaboration Index

Documented Reports

Make correct and validated data accessible to all.

Search and investigate specific KPIs, apps and fields
NodeGraph Data Catalog automatically collects and catalogs your data solution by crawling multiple ecosystems (including BI tools, data warehouses, ERP systems and cloud-based solutions).

Isolate certified and validated data assets
Easily identify data assets that have been validated by Data Stewards to ensure that actions are taken on correct data.

Facilitate data access and tailor catalog to user
Create tailored data entry points for specific end-users, presenting a clean interface containing only relevant data elements.

Understand how your solution is built and interconnected.

Include your data visualization tools in your governance framework with the help of a complete and all-encompassing data landscape overview — allowing you to explore all data dependencies, understand how your data landscape is interconnected and ensure that it is aligned with your governance framework.

How? By using automatically generated field-level data lineage visualization from data source to end-user BI application.

Ensure high data quality with automated testing.

Use automated baseline and BI content testing to ensure high data quality across your landscape. Get notified if something in your data solution is not aligned with your framework.

By adding NodeGraph’s Data Quality Manager on top of your BI solution, you unlock constant and automatic testing — allowing for a proactive governance strategy.

“Data is one of the most critical asset of any firm. Creating trust in that data should be a no-brainer.”

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Shamanth Muppidi, Director

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Data and analytics governance for the whole organisation.

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BI teams

Get full insight into all your BI applications from data source to dashboard — including how and where data is consumed.

IT teams

Extend your current data governance strategy with full insight into how data is used in the visualization layer — regardless of BI tool.

Business teams

Build trust by understanding your BI data and KPIs. Ensure that data sources are trustworthy, learn how the data is used and whether definitions are correct.

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Improve your data governance today.

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