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Better, faster migration.

Automatically map your entire metadata landscape and make sure you only transfer correct data to your new system. From updating BI tools to changing e-commerce systems, it’s all in NodeGraph.

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The new way to migrate data.

Take control of your data
Readily access a comprehensive overview of everything in your data environment and identify exactly what to migrate.

Track & document data on a field-level
Ensure that data is up-to-date and data transformations are done correctly. Automatically document your solution.

Save time with automation
Automate impact analysis, documentation and quality testing – all on a field-level.


One software, many applications.

Turn your data migration into a seamless experience with NodeGraph. The most powerful automated data mapping giving you full access to all existing metrics and content objects used.

How it works.

Prepare your solution for migration by creating an automated and all-inclusive map of your data lanscape.

User cases

Learn more about migration from specific use cases.

Explore the full NodeGraph platform.

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Data Lineage

Gain access to your full data story using beautifully visualized end-to-end data lineage and carry out meaningful impact analysis.

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Data Catalog

Search and explore what’s inside your BI solution. Optimize metadata management, data transparency and collaboration.

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Automated Documentation

Generate BI system documentation and regulation reports automatically, collecting all necessary information in one single document.

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Quality Assurance

Ensure that your data is following your governance guidelines using automated and standardized benchmark tests.