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Prepare your landscape for a seamless data migration.

Automatically map your entire metadata landscape and make sure you only transfer the correct data to your new system. From BI migration to changing source system, it’s all in NodeGraph.

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Understand your data landscapes and their interdependencies

Ensure complete and accurate data migration with full documentation

Drastically reduce project costs with the help of automation

Connect NodeGraph with your favorite visualization tools, data warehouses and cloud services.

Connect NodeGraph with your favorite visualization tools, data warehouses and cloud services.

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A better way to migrate data.

Ensure reliability throughout the data migration project.

Automatically map every object in the migration system(s)
Enjoy an automatically generated data overview, containing all data elements and their full data lineage — allowing you to set realistic expectations and build your data migration strategy accordingly.

Easily compare data landscapes to ensure a high-quality migration
These data overviews also serve as an excellent comparison tool following your migration, allowing you to ensure a complete and accurate data migration.

Put a stop to unanswered questions with full data access.

Data Catalog for immediate data access
Use our Data Catalog to further search through and understand specific KPIs and applications.

Full field-level data lineage
See the entire script of your chosen field in our Field Tracker, telling you exactly what transformations that have been applied to the specific data asset, from initial input to final application.

Save valuable time with automated data migration documentation.

Ensure that the data landscapes involved in your migration project are always properly and currently documented with our automated documentation engine.

Establish further control with automated data testing.

Automatically test your data landscape to ensure that your data, and its subsequent logic, has been properly migrated.

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“NodeGraph blew me away with its ability to develop an intuitive, but incredibly powerful product that will have immediate returns for our organization.”

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Brandon Droy, Business Intelligence Analyst at OrthoIllinois

From M&As to BI migration.

Take back control of your data migration.

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