Edwin Willems from Agilos chats NodeGraph and GDPR

We caught up with Edwin Willems, Marketing Director at Agilos, during Qonnections 2018 and spoke about NodeGraph and GDPR – check it out.

“I’m Edwin Willems, I’m the Marketing Director for Agilos.”

What was your first impression of NodeGraph?

“So, we have seen that most of our customers, our Qlik customers, they have developed plenty of analytic applications and dashboards sitting around. And the big question is, for you as a Qlik customer, how are you going to document which data is used in which application, by whom, and for which purpose? Because, some of the data that are processed in these applications relate to the data compliancy act, or the data compliancy act is relevant for this data. Like, data about European citizens – names, addresses, and so on. So how are Qlik customers going to do that? And that’s why we partnered with NodeGraph.

Because with NodeGraph, with the speed of a snap of a finger, you can do a complete documentation of all your data. So, complete data lineage of all your data, in which application they are used, by whom they are used, and for what purpose. And it makes it really very easy.

And the alternative for a Qlik customer is to do that manually, but that takes days, if not weeks. So we don’t see a single reason why you as a Qlik customer, you wouldn’t use a technology, such as NodeGraph, to really get you GDPR sorted out for your Qlik environment. So we are very excited about it.”

How do customers react when you show them the tool?

“The initial reaction of customers is one of disbelief. They say, well it can’t be that it’s that easy.

Because what they see is that they have so many applications hanging around, and some files referring other files, and it’s kind of a, well I wouldn’t use the word big mess, but it’s kind of what it is. Because most of the customers, they don’t have complete documentation about which data is used where. And after they have been developing applications for a couple of years, it’s huge. And, with the democratization of data, well, it’s everywhere, it’s used in all kinds of applications – in sales and marketing, in finance, big data, they combine it with social media data, stuff like that. And it becomes really difficult to know, what is used where.

So, for them it’s kind of like, yeah, we know it’s a problem, we don’t have our act together for the documentation of all of this, but don’t tell us that you are going to solve the problem like that. And, basically, the only trick is to say, customer please give us the opportunity to show you. And, as soon as we can show, it is solved.”

If you are new to NodeGraph, first of all – welcome. We are a data quality platform for QlikView and Qlik Sense. To find out how we can help you take control of your data and get GDPR compliant, get started today.

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