Erik Nylund at Millnet BI on his NodeGraph experience

We spoke to Erik Nylund, CTO at Millnet BI, about NodeGraph at Qonnections in Orlando. Press play for the full interview or read the transcript below.

“My name is Erik Nylund – CTO.”

What was your first impression of NodeGraph?

“I was very impressed from the beginning of the tool because it solved a lot of our needs, especially the data lineage and impact analysis.

It also saves a lot of time when customers asked questions regarding the data, “What is this field used for?”, “Do we use this field somewhere in the data model?” – like for GDPR and so on.”

Can you tell us about your first NodeGraph project?

Our first project was actually a project, a documentation project, for a customer where we had ROI for the first project. The project was about documentation for an ERP system change. And a work that we were [planning] a week – 40 hours of consulting hours, we made in only 8 hours, so it was really awesome.

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