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Explore data lineage

Visualize and trace where your data comes from and how it is connected – from data source to end-user application.

Create customized GDPR reports with NodeGraph

Our GDPR module makes it easy for you to keep track of the personal data stored in your Qlik® Solution by allowing you to automatically create customized GDPR reports. The report contains all the technical information that is required by the GDPR, including:

  • The location of the data
  • Who currently has access to the data
  • Who has accessed the data in the past
  • The purpose of the data storage

Visualize and trace your metadata

Ever wonder where your data comes from? We’ll show you. Our Dependency Explorer makes it easy for you to visualize where your data comes from and how it is interrelated along the way. This means showing you how the data travels throughout your solution, from the data source to the end-user application.

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NodeGraph data lineage field explorer qlik

Get full data lineage

See the entire script of your chosen field in our Field Explorer. This script will tell you what transformations that have been applied to the field, from initial input to final application. Basically, it will show you where the data comes from as well as showing you every time it has been loaded – allowing you to identify and understand your data.

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