Gordon Salzmann from Evaco talks NodeGraph

We spoke to Gordon Salzmann, Senior Director Sales, Marketing & Alliances at Evaco, about NodeGraph at Qonnections, and this is the full interview.

“My name is Gordon Salzmann I am a member of the executive team at Evaco. Evaco is a Qlik elite solution provider and a NodeGraph partner and I’m responsible for sales marketing and alliances.”

How did you find out about NodeGraph?

We found out about NodeGraph, I would say, by accident. Both of us have been sponsors at Masters Summit in Munich. So by just standing next to each other, like talking to each other, then [asking], “What are you doing?”, “What are you doing?” and then I said, “You know, that looks like an interesting product, so give me a demo.”. [While] one of the sessions was going on we just, you know, exchanged some information. And I find [NodeGraph] very interesting. So that was the first contact, by accident, at a Masters Summit in Munich, where we both have been sponsors.

What was your first impression of NodeGraph?

My first impression actually was that the tool solves some issues that Qlik cannot solve. It’s the need for documentation, it’s the need for visualizing the dependencies that data files have, that qvd files have towards the qvw, etc.

So there’s something that, especially in bigger environments, causes a lot of work and NodeGraph makes it pretty easy to understand how the environment really is set up.

So that triggered the impulse to say, “We need to partner.”

What are some of the problems that you faced before NodeGraph?

So the issues that I see in the environments that we manage at our clients is that they often use people power to solve problems in terms of creating and maintaining the documentation, and creating and maintaining documentation about data lineage.

And that is manual work, it’s time-consuming, it’s costly, and that can be done very easily with NodeGraph.

What is your favorite NodeGraph feature?

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite feature. I see the whole of the solution, the whole value. But if I need to pick something that our clients like most, it’s definitely the automated documentation. that helps them to save time and cost.

I like the data lineage visualization, actually to have a very [easy] way of understanding how the environment works.

How do clients react when you show them NodeGraph?

When we show NodeGraph to our clients, the immediate reaction is very positive. It’s a tool that you can easily implement, it’s very easy to understand, and to manage.

Some of the themes that I find very important around products is ease of use ease of access and that is something you find within NodeGraph.

If you are new to NodeGraph, first of all – welcome. We are a data quality platform for QlikView and Qlik Sense. To find out how we can help you take control of your data, get started today.