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Holistic data and analytics governance: Building the right foundation for a data-driven organization.

According to Gartner, the most common IT-led approach to data and analytics governance is rooted in compliance and regulation initiatives and is very limited when it comes to maximizing business value. The remedy to this is to find an optimal way of expanding your existing governance capabilities to cover your entire data journey from start to finish while also aligning with your business objectives.

An adaptive and holistic approach to data and analytics governance enables you to be in full control of the constantly changing data landscape, generate direct value and build the right foundation for a data-driven organization. Questions like “What data are business decisions based on?”, “Is there a single truth for KPIs across the organization?”, and “How can we enable the decision-makers to trust the data they are working with?” are more common than you’d think and can all be addressed by including your BI solution in your governance strategy.

Yes, there are governance capabilities available in many modern BI tools, but we talk about how to achieve an often-overlooked holistic perspective – collecting your entire data landscape under the roof of one governance solution.

Discussion topics

  • What is data and analytics governance and how is it different from regular data governance?
  • Why is governance in analytics often overlooked? And who should assume leadership of this – the business-side (that typically drives the BI solution) or IT?
  • How should data and analytics governance be approached to ensure a holistic strategy that will expand your existing governance capabilities and generate direct business value?

Is this webinar for me?

This is a recorded discussion that we originally ran on December 3rd, 2020 with senior IT, data & analytics and business leaders joining us live. Whether you would like to stay up to date with modern approaches to data and analytics governance or are exploring solutions for a specific case to maximize the business value of your BI solution and overall data landscape, this webinar is a great opportunity.

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We help companies achieve better data understanding by connecting ALL their data touchpoints. Here are just a few of the tools that we integrate with: Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft SQL Server, Snowflake.  

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