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How Ocean State Job Lot increases data visibility with NodeGraph

Our Business Intelligence team has easily saved hundreds of hours as a direct result of NodeGraph’s easy-to-use data lineage and documentation capabilities.

Samuel Donabedian,
Director of BI & Analytics at Ocean State Job Lot


Data visibility

Data confidence

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About Ocean State Job Lot

Ocean State Job Lot is an American discount retailer operating throughout many US states.

Industry: Closeout retail
Company size: More than 140 stores and 5,600 associates
Headquarter: North Kingstown, RI
BI software: QlikView

Key NodeGraph features used:

data lineage tools visualization icon Data lineage visualization

data lineage tools export icon Automated documentation

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Challenge: Solve manual and time-consuming processes associated with QlikView data lineage and documentation

Ocean State Job Lot, the largest closeout retailer in the Northeast with over 140 stores and 5,600 associates, were struggling with manual processes associated with documenting and understanding the data lineage of their QlikView environment.

As described by Samuel Donabedian, Director of BI & Analytics at Ocean State Job Lot,

We were sorely lacking both the data lineage and documentation associated with our QlikView applications. We needed to find a tool that could help us fill these gaps.”

Solution: Using Nodegraph’s automated data lineage and documentation tools to increase data visibility and efficiency

After a quick trial, Ocean State Job Lot have now been using NodeGraph’s data lineage visualization and automated documentation features for over a year.

Using automated data lineage visualization to improve data understanding and confidence

With the help of NodeGraph’s Dependency Explorer, Ocean State Job Lot are able to automatically map the entire data lineage of their QlikView landscape. This way, they can interact with the metadata map to fully understand how their data is interconnected, and whether it is sourced from the correct place.

More specifically, they use the Dependency Explorer to:

  • Determine which QVWs directly or indirectly use a source
  • Determine all Prod QVWs that directly or indirectly use the files created by a Dev QVW
  • Determine all QVWs that create files that a given QVW uses
  • Determine all QVWs that use a Qlik Web Connector
  • Determine all sources that a given QVW uses
data lineage visualization screenshot

Automatically documenting their entire QlikView landscape with the help of NodeGraph’s documentation engine

Another gap that NodeGraph has filled for the American discount retailer involves automatically creating documentation for their Qlik apps. Long gone are the days of time-consuming manual documentation. With NodeGraph, they are able to schedule documentation and fully customize the output to suit their data governance and compliance needs.

Result: Improved efficiency, data visibility and confidence

The Business Intelligence Team at Ocean State Job Lot has saved a significant amount of time as a result of using NodeGraph’s automation tools to support their portfolio of QlikView applications.

Furthermore, by keeping those with a vested interest in QlikView well-informed, NodeGraph’s feature-rich product offerings support the data-driven culture at the discount retailer.

“NodeGraph has enabled our business to simplify our understanding of what we consider to be a very complex QlikView landscape, specifically as it pertains to data lineage and documentation. Simply put, if you have QlikView, you have to have NodeGraph.”

Samuel Donabedian,
Director of BI & Analytics at Ocean State Job Lot

“NodeGraph enables us to understand data lineage within our Qlik universe more efficiently and more completely, and consequently allows us to deliver value to the business with increased efficiency and confidence.”

Lauren Coulombe,
BI Developer at Ocean State Job Lot

Explore data lineage visualization & impact analysis with NodeGraph

NodeGraph automatically visualizes your end-to-end data lineage, enabling you to see how data travels throughout your solution, from your data source to your end-user application. Click here to further explore NodeGraph’s data lineage tools.

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