How to optimize time and cost when changing BI tool (or any other tool affecting your BI environment).

At NodeGraph, we regularly come across businesses that are considering a migration that will impact their BI environment – whether it be a move to a new BI platform or an upgrade of another related data tool. While solution migration projects are usually complex and time-consuming, we have seen cases where lead times have been dramatically reduced. We are talking turning a 6-month project (filled with manual work) into a 1-day automated task.

Join one of NodeGraph co-founders, Oskar Grondahl, and VP Sales EMEA, Andreas Granath, as they share impactful ways to approach updating or adding BI tool.

You will learn

  • What are the best practices for migrating to a different BI tool?
  • How to analyze the impact of a data migration project on your BI environment?
  • How can you use automation to speed up the migration, improve quality, and maintain business continuity?

More specifically:

  • Key things to know about NodeGraph [0:44]
  • Migrating to a different BI platform — 7 steps to consider [3:15]
  • How much time to set aside for each project phase [5:03]
  • The explorer phase: best practices, challenges, opportunities [6:12]
  • Actual migration: best practices, challenges, opportunities [11:06]
  • The test and quality phase: best practices, challenges, opportunities [15:01]
  • Optimize time and cost — 4 out of 7 steps can be optimized [18:15]
  • Tools that can help you [19:15]
  • How NodeGraph automates and optimizes some of the steps — live demo [20:45]

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About NodeGraph 

NodeGraph is a data intelligence platform that provides end-to-end data lineage, data cataloging, unit and regression testing, and impact analysis among other tools and features to help you get the most value out of your data.  

We help companies achieve better data understanding by connecting ALL their data touchpoints. Here are just a few of the tools that we integrate with: Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft SQL Server, Snowflake.  

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Published On: October 6th, 2020Categories: Blog, Webinars

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