Impact analysis with automated lineage.

Gain access to your full data story using automated end-to-end data lineage and carry out meaningful impact analysis.

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Powerful impact analysis.

Automatically map your data landscape
Access an automated, comprehensive and interactive map of your entire data landscape.

Tap into your full metadata story
See how your data is connected throughout your landscape and understand the impact of potential changes.

Enjoy full automation
Enjoy full automation in the form of automated documentation and immediate lineage.

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Data lineage visualization interface

Detailed, field-level data lineage.

End-to-end data lineage
Visualize how data travels throughout your solution, from your data source to your end-user application.

Establish trust, understanding & confidence
Increase the understanding of your current data and confidently plan for potential changes.

Work better together
Perfect master data management and facilitate collaboration across your organization.

How it works.

Investigate dependencies in your data landscape with a single click – from data source to end-user application.

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Explore the full NodeGraph platform.

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Data Lineage

Gain access to your full data story using beautifully visualized end-to-end data lineage and carry out meaningful impact analysis.

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Data Catalog

Search and explore what’s inside your BI solution. Optimize metadata management, data transparency and collaboration.

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Automated Documentation

Generate BI system documentation and regulation reports automatically, collecting all necessary information in one single document.

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Quality Assurance

Ensure that your data is following your governance guidelines using automated and standardized benchmark tests.