Perform better impact analysis will automated data lineage.

Gain access to your full data story using automated end-to-end data lineage and carry out meaningful impact analysis.

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Understand the ins and outs of your data and analytics landscape

Reduce errors associated with manual work

Minimize time & overhead spent on risk analysis

Connect NodeGraph with your favorite visualization tools, data warehouses and cloud services.

Connect NodeGraph with your favorite visualization tools, data warehouses and cloud services.

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Impact analysis features for more control, visibility and flexibility.

Understand changes before you make them.

Automated and live traceability
Visualize end-to-end data lineage— automatically identifying all the data dependencies in your landscape.

Interact with data map for full understanding
Determine exactly which elements are connected and how a change in one element will affect the rest of your solution.

Simplified and customizable lineage for business users
Tailor visualizations to business teams using our simplified lineage interface and enable all users to perform impact analysis.

Use testing to reduce manual work and human error.

Automatically test your environment
Ensure that all changes follow your decided guidelines and receive immediate notifications describing any unexpected activity.

Reduce costs and unforeseen ripple effects
Big data testing enables you to always have the right data at the right time. Reduce costs associated with unforeseen effects to your data, improve resource management and reap the benefits of controlled scalability.

Effortlessly maintain a detailed audit trail.

Generate automated, accurate and up-to-date documentation with the click of a button. Enjoy scheduling, tracking and notification features for a fully comprehensive audit trail.

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“NodeGraph has given us a beautiful and easy way to see the dependencies and connections in our data so we know how our decisions affect the whole story.”

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Weston Kingsley, Data and Process Services Manager

Data lineage tools for the whole organization.

data and analytics governance users

BI teams

Access all data dependencies and understand what impact a change will have on your visualizations — no matter where in the value chain it takes place.

IT teams

Quickly understand what impact a change in the data source or data warehouse will have on the visualization layer. Maximize business-value and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Business teams

Understand how the visualization links to different data sources and what dependencies that exist in your solution.

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