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Improve Qlik development with NodeGraph

Challenge: Enhancing knowledge-sharing within Qlik development
Solution: Using NodeGraph to intuitively understand the Qlik Solution
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This case story explores the challenge of knowledge-sharing within Qlik development. More specifically, the customer in question was struggling to efficiently onboard new developers within their Qlik team – with too much time being wasted on explaining the current layout of the Qlik environment. Read on to discover how NodeGraph was able to streamline the onboarding process.

Challenge: Enhancing knowledge-sharing within Qlik development

The organization in question has a lot of developers – think upwards of 10, maybe 20 – and when hiring new people, the onboarding process was taking a lot of time. They were facing the challenge of teaching the new developers their Qlik layout – how they do their extracts, their transforms, where they pull the data from, and so on.

In short, the challenge that Solve’s customer was facing was enhancing the efficiency of knowledge-sharing within their Qlik development so as to not spend so much time onboarding new members of their Qlik development team.

Solution: Using NodeGraph to intuitively understand the Qlik Solution

“By using NodeGraph they are really able to speed up [the onboarding] process. So they’re able to … look at the Dependency Explorer and see what the query is, where the data is coming from, and they don’t pester the other developers as much.”

Greg Woodard,
Principal at Solve

Using The Dependency Explorer to understand the Qlik layout

By using NodeGraph Dependency Explorer, the new members of the development team were able to intuitively understand how the Qlik Solution was set up, all the way from the data sources to the end-user applications. See below for an example of how this could look.

data warehouse migration nodegraph qlik sense qlikview metadata visualization data lineage qlik development

Analyzing the structure of the Qlik Solution using heat maps

A further useful NodeGraph feature proved to be the heat map. These allowed new members of the development team to visualize specific elements in the NodeGraph Dependency Explorer, allowing for further analysis of the Qlik Solution’s structure. Using the heat map, the following elements can be analyzed:

  • Children
  • File size
  • Fields
  • Records
  • Users
  • Last modification

nodegraph-heat-map-qlik-sense-qlikview qlik development

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