Project Description

Umeå Datakonsult (UDK)

HQ in Umeå, Sweden

“UDK is focused on becoming a leading player in ERP/M3 in the Nordic region. UDK is able to assume full responsibility for its solutions’ technical platforms, implementation, customization, integration, and administration. In addition to contributing to the company’s overall offering, each of UDK’s business areas also possesses the cutting-edge expertise required to operate independently. High-level service is, and will remain, UDK’s hallmark.”

Founded in 1987, UDK provides solutions to our customers’ problems, but also helps them identify the IT challenges of the future. Our core values are competence, experience, personality, and innovation. We promise to help our customers drive their businesses to success. UDK works with systems development, ERP, security, technology, and support.

Västra Norrlandsgatan 10B
SE-903 27 UMEÅ
Tel: +46 90 716 500