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Varex Imaging Corporation uses NodeGraph to trace lineage

We had the lovely opportunity to meet Lance Kartchner from Varex Imaging Corporation (a NodeGraph client) to talk about their experience with our tool.

“My name is Lance Kartchner I work for Varex Imaging Corporation in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are a QlikView and Qlik Sense shop, relatively new on the Qlik Sense side of things. But I’ve been a Qlik lead developer and putting things together in the QlikView space now for most of 15 years.”

What were some of the challenges you were facing before installing NodeGraph?

“A common challenge that we face, especially if we have a multi-stage qvd environment is being able to trace the lineage of our data. Understanding [that] I’m having a problem with the data and where that data come[s] from, what’s the data source, what [are] some of the transformations that it goes through, what [is] some of the logic that’s used to derive the value that I’m seeing?”

What was your first impression of the tool?

“The first time that we saw NodeGraph, seeing that it showed me a path all the way from the dashboard that I was looking at all the way back to the data source that I was pulling it from (the raw data) – I instantly knew that I needed to see that and understand how that works.

Because a common problem, a common question, a common debugging task or troubleshooting task that we perform as developers is to find out where my data comes from and how did it get there, and what kind of manipulations did it go through in the process.”

What are some of your favorite features?

“I just have to throw in one of the cool things that I saw when I was looking at the QlikView results – that it even grabbed the in-memory tables. So the stuff that only exists for a short period of time because you’re loading it into memory, to do manipulation and dropping it in order to get the final product, it still showed all that in there – which was really helpful.”

How did you find out about NodeGraph?

“The way I found out about is through pre-sales partner, I don’t know if you want me to name names, but he was conducting some training for us and just threw in as part of the training a little, you know, “Hey there’s this cool tool that shows you this.”.

And so we’re like I want to see that, I want to see a demo of that because this was a real issue that we were having at the time was, you know, how do we find that data?

You know, [seeing] NodeGraph and seeing the diagram that shows the relationship, I was like I need to know more about that. It turns out he was also a pre-sales rep so, you know, he’s like, “I can set up a demo of this for you, we can take a look at it.” and that’s kind of how I found out about it was just in that training session.

NodeGraph is good stuff is all I got to say. It’s already, just in the last few weeks since we installed it, saved us hours!”

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