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Mercy Ships uses NodeGraph for impact analysis

We would like to introduce you to Mercy Ships — a non-profit organization that travels around the developing world providing free medical care onboard their hospital ships. Their mission? To bring “hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor“. And, beyond promoting this charitable organization, we would like to tell you the story of our collaboration.

We are extremely proud to be working together

In an effort to assist them on their journey, we are providing Mercy Ships with NodeGraph’s data lineage software. The partnership came about as a result of Qlik’s initiative to support the charity by ensuring that they have access to advanced business intelligence software. Not only do we believe that the introduction of NodeGraph will increase the efficiency of their day-to-day processes but we also see this as a great way to kickstart our own Corporate Social Responsibility adventure.

While the partnership is still young, we are thrilled to see that NodeGraph has already had a positive impact on the organization. According to Weston Kingsley, Data and Process Services Manager at Mercy Ships:

“We needed a way to see the impact and implications of various changes in our data models and Qlik implementation. NodeGraph has given us a beautiful and easy way to see the dependencies and connections in our data so we know how our decisions affect the whole story. They are a pleasure to work with and we’re a better organization because of our collaboration with them. Thank you NodeGraph!”

Learn more about the global charity

At present, the organization is working in Doula, Cameroon, where they remain until June 2018. However, over the span of nearly 40 active years, they have visited and helped in 592 ports, having performed over “84 000 lifesaving surgeries“. What’s more, the crew and staff aboard the ship consist of over 1 000 professional volunteers, doing everything from manning the ship to performing complex medical surgeries.

To meet one of the many people Mercy Ships have helped, click play.

A new ship on the way

Excitingly, Mercy Ships is currently building a second ship from scratch and we are thrilled to be involved. Weston further comments,

“As our organization expands to two ships, we must get more efficient in the way we develop, make decisions, and model our data. NodeGraph is enabling us to do that.”

If you want to learn more about NodeGraph and our software, head over to our Solutions.

Ways to give

Mercy Ships is largely funded through private donations. If you want to find out how you can get involved and help, check out their page “Ways to give“.

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