New partnership agreement between NodeGraph and HighCoordination

We are very proud to announce a partnership between NodeGraph and HighCoordination. Our mission is to grow our family and together transform the data governance industry. Our collective aim is to create an environment where trust, understanding and governance are key elements within your data analysis.

Ultimately, we provide you with the tools to discover what is hidden in your metadata and let you focus on what really matters.

“We are really excited about this new relationship and the initial discussions have been very creative and inspiring from the start. The potential in their markets is huge and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see how this relationship develops.”

Carl Andersson
Sales Manager at NodeGraph


HighCoordination provides cross-functional and cross-sectoral, comprehensive BI consulting for all company value-added processes with Qlik and Jedox, using the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS, formerly HICHERT®SUCCESS).

We support the conception, implementation and operation of sustainable BI and controlling systems, including integrated planning solutions. Through our many years of expertise and strong project skills, we perfectly integrate SAP®, Microsoft® and other ERP systems as well as Big Data sources and social media.

We also implement comprehensive analysis, navigation and commentary requirements in QlikView and Qlik Sense via the add-on trueChart.

“NodeGraph quickly proved to be an essential tool for all aspects of managing any Qlik installation. Increasing the efficiency of a developer’s day-to-day work, NodeGraph has a great impact on the analysis and documentation of the whole environment; the speed and quality of the results are incredible. No more searching in obsolete documentations (if existing), browsing scripts and logfiles yourself and still forgetting something – every question we had, even in large installations and concerning complex cases, was resolved in seconds! ”

Ralph Ginzinger
CEO HighCoordination Schweiz GmbH

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