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NodeGraph and QlickiT – propelling data understanding

This press release will tell the story of how NodeGraph and QlickiT work together to propel data understanding. Let’s kick off with a few words from Carl Andersson, Head of Sales at NodeGraph:

“Our partnership with QlickiT began over a year ago and, since then, we have seen great success. With their extensive knowledge of the UK market, we are able to continue our goal of spreading data understanding. It’s always fantastic to work with people that share a similar mindset and, with QlickiT, that is surely the case.”

To find out more about the individual partners and their joint efforts, read on.

Who is QlickiT?

QlickiT are helping UK organisations be the best they can be through data analytics. Our solutions are used by the NHS to save lives by getting more patients into theatre faster. They are used by the Rugby Football League to win games by fielding players who are at peak performance. In fact, all our customers use our solutions to achieve different things. But despite that our recipe for success remains the same. Our experienced consultants work to understand the issues facing our customers. We then work in partnership to build a powerful visual analytics solution that directly addresses those issues. Finally, we nurture and expand that solution so that it continues to meet, and exceed, our customer’s requirements – whether that is through ongoing direct engagement or by bespoke training and support. This simple method has been supporting our customers to success for over 13 years.

“Nodegraph fits so neatly into our philosophy of creating customer solutions. Never before have our customers been able to so clearly understand the complete lineage of their analytics. When we are talking to any new customers about Qlik, Nodegraph has to be a part of that conversation. For us, as a business that understands the positive impact of good, dependable analytics, Nodegraph gives our customers that extra layer of confidence and that is just so important.”

Philip Doyne,
Technical Director at QlickiT

Who is NodeGraph?

Who is NodeGraph? In short, we offer a data quality platform for your QlikView and Qlik Sense Solutions with functionalities ranging from data lineage visualization to unit and regression testing. The broader belief here at NodeGraph is that every person within an organization has the right to understand and make use of their data. And that’s where partners come in. We confidently depend on our growing network of partners to help create an environment where trust, understanding, and governance are key elements of data analysis – all over the world.

To find out more about NodeGraph’s partner network, and how you can get involved, head over to

The University of St Andrews uses NodeGraph to visualize and understand QlikView data

One client that has benefited from the partnership between NodeGraph and QlickiT is the University of St Andrews, who uses NodeGraph to visualize and understand their QlikView data. Hannah Coutts, BI developer at The University of St Andrews, had this to say about the software:

“On trialing NodeGraph I found it does exactly what I need it to and it seems like an indispensable tool for any QlikView user with a sizeable estate. I’ve looked for a tool that does just this for a long time.”

To read the full case story, click here.

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