NodeGraph teams up with Pomerol Partners

Welcome to this Press Release, introducing NodeGraph and Pomerol Partners’ partnership. The following quote is a comment from Carl Andersson, Head of Sales at NodeGraph:

“We are extremely glad to be working together with Pomerol Partners. As we continue our global expansion, we are grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the leading markets which Pomerol Partners inhabit. We carry this relationship with great pride.”

Read on to find out more about the partnership.

About Pomerol Partners

Pomerol Partners is a data focused consultancy with offices in the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa. Our niche is two-fold:
1. We approach challenges from a business point of view, instead of from an IT point of view.
2. We can solve business problems with an end to end solution of disruptive technologies – Qlik, Lavastorm & Blockchain

Pomerol Partners’ Philosophy

We are passionate about delivering business critical data solutions in a timely and scalable manner. We believe that simply capturing and reporting on data is meaningless unless it drives efficiency improvements throughout our client organizations.

“NodeGraph’s data lineage and data governance tools are powerful. The platform enables our clients to extract more value from their Qlik solution by shedding light on the whole data journey – from the original data source right through to the business application. The Field and Dependency Explorers are a ground breaking way to bridge the gap between the business user and the often complex processes and logic contained in the ETL layer. We are very excited about our partnership with NodeGraph, and we look forward to empowering our clients with this innovative tool set.”

Fred Hefer,
CEO at Pomerol Partners

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And NodeGraph

Who is NodeGraph? In short, we offer a data quality platform for your QlikView and Qlik Sense Solutions with functionalities ranging from data lineage visualization to unit and regression testing. The broader belief here at NodeGraph is that every person within an organization has the right to understand and make use of their data. And that’s where partners come in. We confidently depend on our growing network of partners to help create an environment where trust, understanding, and governance are key elements of data analysis – all over the world.

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Pomerol Partners
+1 (773)-831-7773

Carl Andersson
Head of Sales at NodeGraph
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