Oskar Fahlvik from Optivasys speaks about NodeGraph and Qlik

We talked to Oskar Fahlvik from Optivasys at Qonnections about Qlik and NodeGraph. Press play to watch the full interview or read the transcript below.

“My name is Oskar Fahlvik I am the Managing Director of a partner called Optivasys, a Swedish elite solution provider [for] 12 years as a Qlik partner.”

When did you first find out about NodeGraph?

“When I first heard about NodeGraph, of course for us that’s a little bit specific, a special question as it was our former owners that also invented and started to develop NodeGraph. So I mean we really more or less have heard about NodeGraph since day one of the NodeGraph story.”

What was your first impression?

“I think the first impression of NodeGraph as a product is that it’s filling a very obvious gap. Very simple, straightforward product that when it gets in the hands of the user delivers a very high value.

We hear a lot of comments especially from the persons that are working hands-on like a Qlik developer both from a partner or from a customer working with the product hands-on, how helpful it is and how they use it daily now in their work with developing solutions and how its shortcuts their work.”

Can you tell us more about this obvious gap?

“Qlik is, as this so agile it’s tough it’s quite demanding to get a good governance structure on it because it’s so easy to do new things. A new need pops up and I solve that, and to keep this together and have a long-term strategy on how you’re gonna do things. And I think that’s really one of the true gaps that NodeGraph fills for the customer.”

How, in your opinion, does NodeGraph fill this gap?

“Instead of sometimes guessing, or spending a lot of time trying to understand where to pick up the data or which different files are affected, or which qvd file should I work with, now they can sit with NodeGraph as a working tool and directly understand and say okay, this is how it ties together.

If I do this, this is the different source I need to handle or pick data from. Or this is the field I need to ask someone to put into the database or the data warehouse, something like that. So I think that’s a specific hands-on example.

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