Let’s spread data understanding, together.

Team up with the leading automated data intelligence platform and provide your customers with their complete data story. By leveraging the power of a unique outside-in perspective, NodeGraph offers end-to-end metadata insights — all the way from original data source to final BI visualization.

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Create a seamless customer experience.

Whether you are an enterprise data management firm or a smaller BI consultancy, let NodeGraph be the gamechanger that increases the efficiency of all your data projects.

Data Discovery
Discover, contextualize and understand the data assets in your customers’ solutions with the help of our comprehensive metadata dictionary, detailed impact analysis and more.

Data Understanding
Allow NodeGraph to provide transparency of your all your metadata and its data sources, enabling trustworthy and accurate data-driven decisions across your and your customers’ organizations.

Data Governance
Gain full control of the data and personal information that you handle, ensuring that data governance frameworks, as well as relevant laws and regulations, are being followed.

Explore the full NodeGraph platform.

The NodeGraph Partner Program is made for business intelligence consultancies looking for a better way to work with data — with solutions ranging from BI tool migrations to larger-scale data governance projects. If you want to provide your customers with a world-class data intelligence platform, we want to help.


Track and trace your full data story with end-to-end field-level data lineage. Automatically map entire data landscapes and embrace seamless data governance.

Metadata cataloging
End-to-end data lineage


Ensure that everyone is using correct and trusted data with the help of end-to-end impact analysis and field-level dependency exploring.

Data-driven decisions
Ensure accuracy


Take control of all your data touchpoints and unlock evidence-based decisions. Ensure compliance with data governance frameworks and relevant regulations.

Align your team & processes
Track & trace personal data


Improve collaboration and understand your KPIs, data structures and more with an easy-to-use data dictionary and fully automated documentation engine.

Comprehensive data dictionary
Fully automated documentation


Save resources, time and money, and focus on creating new business opportunities and simplifying the workday for your existing customers.

Fully automated metadata extraction
Save time & resources

Explore the partner network.

Our partner network consists of experts from all around the world. Whether you’re looking for help with Tableau, Power BI, Qlik or another BI software — our network can help.

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Axis Group

United States

With over twenty years of experience, Axis Group has delivered thousands of business intelligence solutions to satisfied Global 1000…



GINQO provides an integrated offering of Business Intelligence (BI) software and services.  Executive and managers need answers to the many questions…

Data Technology

United Kingdom

Data Technology solves our customers’ toughest data challenges by providing unparalleled services in strategy, consulting, technology and operations…

Cubiq Analytics


Cubiq Analytics is the analytics powerhouse where the best talent lives in. We deliver Data Experiences (DX) – DX stands for unforeseen data…

SDG Group


DG Group is a global management consulting firm specialized in data and analytics. They are offering in-depth expertise that empowers…

emergo nodegraph qlik



E-mergo specializes in implementing and managing Qlik environments. With the motto “Combine, Analyze and Improve”, they focus on bettering…

We have been a NodeGraph partner for two years and we have found the collaboration transparent, successful, and business-driven. Working with experts is always a pleasure and the NodeGraph team are truly experts in their area. NodeGraph as a platform is easy to learn and use, and our customers always mention that it provides high value and is efficient for problem-solving. NodeGraph is so much more than just an add on, it’s a value-adding data intelligence platform that everyone who works with a business intelligence tool should have!

Jussi Huttunen
Founder and Sales director at Cubiq, Finland

At GINQO, we are customer facing first and therefore, the main reason to work with NodeGraph is frankly our own customer’s satisfaction. When we talk to customers that use NodeGraph, they are always excited about it. I actually had a call last week from one of our customers who said “We looove NodeGraph”. It was in the middle of a general conversation; I did not even ask about it. So, from my perspective, I would say that one of the biggest benefits with NodeGraph is that it so easy to see the actual value it provides for the end user.

Mike Ellis
Sales Director at Ginqo, Canada

Every time I start a new project, when a new feature should be implemented or even an existing dashboard should be updated, I feel the urge to open the Dependency or Field Explorer in NodeGraph, to see the lineage and better understand the dependencies. I actually get quite sad if I am working with a customer that doesn’t have NodeGraph in their toolset. I’m not sure if it means that a NodeGraph addict now? Maybe. But NodeGraph really makes life for any BI developer much easier, that’s for sure.

Ilya Zlotnik
Qlik Solutions Developer at GINQO, Canada

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We strongly believe that all partnerships need to be built on trust and collaboration. You know your market and customers best, and our intention is to keep it that way. In the meantime, we will support you find new and developed business opportunities with existing customers. We will also provide you with marketing resources to help you reach out to your customers and prospects. Sound interesting?

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