Philip Doyne from QlickiT on data lineage and NodeGraph

We met up with Philip Doyne, Technical Director at QlickiT, and spoke about NodeGraph and data lineage and this is the full interview.

“I’m Philip Doyne from QlickiT UK, elite partner, Qlik partner in the UK.”

What was your first impression of NodeGraph?

We discovered NodeGraph, actually, it was a leaflet sitting on my seat at Qonnections a couple of years ago and I didn’t think much about it. I didn’t notice them in the Discovery Expo. But I duly rang up and talked to Oskar or Johan, [I] can’t remember which it was and it seemed like a really useful tool. You don’t have a very good visualization of where stuff comes from and you always say, “Actually, how does this work?”. You’ve got your governance, [but] how do I know what’s happening? We did quite a lot on the NHS and it’s really important to know where personal data is, and even more with GDPR these days.

Anyway, top and bottom is Johan and Oskar both came over to our customer day, which was very good of them. They came over and presented and it went ready went down really well.

It was a really interesting proposal so I think NodeGraph is something that Qlik has is definitely needed for a long time. And here it is – excellent.”

How do clients react when you show them NodeGraph?

The general view is that yes this is this is incredibly helpful can, you know, when can we have it?

If you are new to NodeGraph, first of all – welcome. We are a data quality platform for QlikView and Qlik Sense. To find out how we can help you take control of your data, get started today.