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Post-pandemic work — are we ready?

By Oskar Fahlvik
Published 14th of June 2021

The last 18 months have really challenged our lives in every aspect. For many, it has been a tragedy filled with illness, death, unemployment, mental health challenges and more. You could say that all of us have, in one way or another, been impacted and subsequently forced to look at things in new ways. We needed to adapt to the reality of not being able to do things that were once considered normal almost overnight — no longer being able to travel, have physical meetings, needing to work from home, etc.

Establishing a new normal

Beyond all of these limitations, it is interesting to see the great power and force in peoples’ drive to find new solutions and not give up. When all of our structures and habits and jeopardized, we have a strong agile drive to quickly adapt to new demands and realities. This is something that we also experience every day in our professional lives. A company’s chance at long-term survival is determined by its ability to adapt to new terms and changing behaviors and expectations.

Looking ahead and achieving growth

In summation, I want to share my reflections on what will be important going forward:

  • Having control and ownership of your core assets
  • Avoiding building dependencies that lock you in and put your business at risk
  • Building a trust-, data- and people-focused organization
  • Having data as one of your core assets — treat this as you treat your employees, with trust and respect
  • Maintaining motivated and trusted employees in combination with world-class data intelligence will make you ready for any challenges that might come up in the future

Going forward into the post-pandemic reality, we need to understand that the way of working has changed. Data and people are two critical keys to success.

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