Migrating data from QlikView to Qlik Sense provides a huge opportunity to clean your data and determine if it is accurate. By utilizing NodeGraph in this process, you will also achieve a much faster time to value. NodeGraph automatically populates all meta data and end to end lineage, so you’ll not only save many hours of work, but when the migration is completeyou can be confident that your data is trustworthy.

Read on to discover how this is done. 

Utilizing the Dependency Explorer and the Data Catalog  

NodeGraph’s Dependency Explorer and Data Catalog provide necessary insights and details that capture the use of data sources, data fields, expression, KPIs and so on. They also provide a full view of all existing data streams, what data is being used whenhow it is being used and all the dependencies on a field level. 

In the Dependency Explorer you can visualize the data and the data lineage within your Qlik Solution (Figure 1), all the way from the data sources to the end-user applications. This allows you to better understand your solution, as well as identify data that is not being used or data that is not being used correctly.  

Dependency Explorer


Figure 1. By analyzing log files, NodeGraph finds all tables, fields, and transformations performed, from Application back to DataSource. 


By using the Data Catalog, business user can ensure that all their key data is still present and being pulled from the same data sources. They can also inspect the underlying metrics and validate the applied logic to increase knowledge of the data sources being used and confidently rely on the data at hand. 

Data Catalog

Data Catalog 

Figure 2. The Data Catalog allows searching through the meta data of your Qlik Environment, investigating underlying definitions, and directly jump to the Dependency Explorer to investigate how this KPI is being fed through the ETL. 


Other key features to secure a successful migration 

  • Heat Maps: The heat map allows you to visualize specific elements in the NodeGraph Dependency Explorer, allowing for further analysis of the Qlik Solution’s structure.  

Heat Maps

  Heat Maps Screen 1      Heat Maps: Screen 2

Figure 3. Heatmaps allows you to quickly visualize different metrics of your nodes. You can tell if a QVD is not updated as expected, or if a certain data source has less data than anticipated. 

  • Reports: This module makes sure that data is structured according to your guidelines. It also allows you to investigate elements, such as raw data, that isn’t being used in the end-user applications or data that hasn’t been updated in a while for example. 


Reports Screen

 Figure 4. Reports are a quick and easy way to generate documentation about insights in your Qlik Environment, e.g. potential unused data in the structure, or collecting all queries to your data centers. 


Who benefits from NodeGraph? 

Utilizing NodeGraph in your migration project will add clear value for all involved parties. For instance: 

  • The BI owner can easily identify what should be included in the migration project and define what is already in place for building the new Qlik Sense apps 
  • The BI Developer will have full impact analysis and dependencies to shorten time to value and secure data quality 
  • The CDO or CIO benefit from risk management and cost efficiency, as NodeGraph gives full visibility into current data landscapes and its components. NodeGraph puts an organization in control of the project and enhancefocus on Data Control, Quality and Trust 
  • The Business user benefits from the seamless migration, where the same KPIs, terminology, etc, is used as it is in the organization’s current solution. 


Bonus benefits of a migration project 

A migration project might be tedious, but it also gives you a brilliant opportunity to take control of your data.  By applying NodeGraph, you are not only getting an easier migrationyou are also getting new insights about your meta data, which creates trust within the whole organisationAnd only when you have control of your data, can you be truly data driven.  

Are you migrating your data? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will talk more about how you can utilize NodeGraph for an easier process and more reliable results. Just book a demo with us today.


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