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Stay up-to-date

Generate your Qlik® system documentation automatically and make sure your files are always up-to-date with the help of test and visualization tools.

Say goodbye to manual documentation

It’s quite simple. With the click of a button, you can generate your Qlik®system documentation automatically. This will collect all the node comments, metadata, tables, fields, related files and database statements for the chosen application into one single document. You no longer have to waste precious time and resources on manual documentation.

This way, you will always be up-to-date and in the know. And, most importantly, you never have to manually document ever again.

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Stay on top of your solution

Want to make sure that your fields are up-to-date? We got you. In our Test Module, you can test anything from a QVD to an application and decide exactly how old is too old.

Ultimately, our Test Module will allow you to identify any problems that you might have in your Qlik® Solution, eliminating the need for manual checkups.

Visualize your Qlik® environment

Use our Dependency Explorer to visualize your test results. Our heat map function also lets you visually investigate elements such as days since modification.

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