Featured Customer: Waterfall Asset Management

Waterfall Asset Management uses NodeGraph’s data lineage tools to assess health of investments

“Data is one of the most critical asset of any firm. Creating trust in that data should be a no-brainer.”

Shamanth Muppidi,
Director at Waterfall

40 hours saved monthly

Active ROI

Data quality & trust

Data-driven decision making

About Waterfall Asset Management

Founded in 2005, Waterfall Asset Management, LLC is an institutional asset manager focused on structured credit (asset-backed securities and loans) and private equity investments.

Industry: Asset management
Company size: ~$8.3 billion AUM (as of Aug. 31st 2020), over 60 investment professionals and 140 employees
Locations: New York & London
BI software: Qlik

Key NodeGraph features used:

data lineage tools visualization icon Data lineage visualization

data lineage tools export icon Data lineage export

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Challenge: Establishing data trust, quality and transparency throughout the investment process

When it comes to the asset management industry, being able to trust the data involved in current and potential investments is essential. Unfortunately, more often than not, this trust is difficult to establish. Numbers presented in end-user visualizations are not always based on correct, updated data and data owners are seldomly entirely aware of the dependencies and logic that exist in their complex solutions.

Before NodeGraph, Waterfall Asset Management, an asset management company with over $8.3 billion assets under management (AUM)(as of Aug. 31st 2020), was trying to solve this issue. They wanted to be able to ensure that the data landscapes in their current investment portfolio, as well as potential future acquisitions, were presenting a true reflection of reality and were, in fact, trustworthy. Ideally, they wanted to find a way to view the full data lineage of these landscapes, allowing them to accurately assess the dependencies and structures within the data.

They sought out to find an automated solution that would solve their issue, not wanting to allocate resources towards creating copious offline, manually-maintained lineage maps and data dictionaries.

Solution: Using Nodegraph’s data lineage tools to assess the health of current and future investments

Following a swift configuration, Waterfall Asset Management now uses NodeGraph’s data intelligence platform and data lineage tools to automatically map the data solutions in its portfolio.

Using automated data lineage visualization to assess data health and establish data control

The ability to visualize the field-level data lineage from data source to end-user application has allowed the firm to increase its control over its data and its usage. By being able to identify errors or irregularities, such as duplicated data or cross-app usage of certain elements, they are now able to increase the quality of their data solutions – ultimately establishing better data control and trust.

impact-analysis-how-to-data lineage tools gif

Evaluating potential investments using NodeGraph’s exported data lineage

On top of ensuring the health of current investments, Waterfall Asset Management also uses NodeGraph’s export lineage functionalities to evaluate the health of potential investments. The ability to export the data lineage of the potential asset and import it into their own visualization tool gives them a comprehensive overview of said asset’s data landscape. This means that they are now able to efficiently assess the quality of the presented metrics by viewing a true contextual analysis of the data and its lineage.

Using NodeGraph’s data intelligence insights to build a unified data dictionary over their entire investment portfolio

To further consolidate their portfolio, the asset management firm is also using the data lineage tools to automatically extract and maintain the lineage and transformation logic of all their assets – under one roof. This way, they are able to create a global data dictionary that is always up to date, serving as a real-time hub for analyzing and validating metadata across their portfolio.

NodeGraph also offers an all-inclusive metadata catalog – collecting all your data components, and their interdependence, in one place.

data catalog interface illustration

Establishing enterprise-wide data trust

As development continues, Waterfall Asset Management is planning to roll out NodeGraph and their unified data dictionary to their entire firm. The ultimate goal is to allow all end-users to understand the data they are working with and take ownership of its quality.

Result: Improved efficiency, data quality and decision making

Although it is hard to quantify intangible ROI such as data quality and trust, Shamanth Muppidi, Director at Waterfall, estimates that NodeGraph has helped save the asset management company 40 hours of manual work per month. Additionally, the increase in data quality and trust has led to a surgent of data-driven decisions by end-users at the firm. By no longer having to rely on a plan B and making decisions entirely based on accurate data, the investment firm is able to drastically increase its alpha.

“Data is one of the most critical assets of any firm. Creating trust in that data should be a no-brainer.”

Shamanth Muppidi,
Director at Waterfall

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