Why automated Data Intelligence becomes even more important during featured image

Why automated data intelligence becomes even more important during a pandemic.

By Oskar Grondahl
Published 3rd of May 2021

In a recent meeting, I was asked how the Covid 19 pandemic has affected the need for having a data intelligence platform like NodeGraph. My first reaction was that a data intelligence platform is always relevant and that the need for one doesn’t change because of a pandemic. But after reflecting on the question, I came to the conclusion that in a situation like this pandemic, where there is a huge impact on how we work and how we collaborate with our colleagues and customers, the need for a platform that will enable you to discover and understand your data actually increases a lot.

I see two main drivers of this:

1. People working from home

When we do not have a common hub/office where we meet our colleagues every day, we need to find new ways to share and collaborate around data. Many of the organizations that I work with have multiple points of entries for their data. However, if we do not have one single point of entry, it is very likely that you will end up having the same or very similar data across multiple reports or dashboards. This becomes increasingly difficult when you have a data landscape that is developed in silos.

A data intelligence platform will help you break down those silos and also help the organization to find existing data faster — without having to develop similar reports in multiple tools.

2. New KPIs

When the world around us is changing in a fundamental way as it has in this pandemic, the drivers for your business are likely to change. For example, the cost control KPIs are more important, marketing budget shifts from offline to online. Based on these changes, you need to start running your business on new KPIs. But how can you communicate these new KPIs in an efficient way? And how can you make sure that you use the correct data?

Having an automated data intelligence platform where you can understand your complete data landscape regardless of where the data resides gives you a lot of competitive advantages under normal circumstance but especially when the business is changing. Without have a complete understanding of your data landscape, you risk ending up with either a slow-moving data landscape or a redundant data landscape. Both scenarios can be prevented by having an automated data intelligence platform.

Top wins of a data intelligence platform during a pandemic

Top 3 wins of having a data intelligence platform when a pandemic or a world-changing event happens:

  1. Becomes easy for the organization to discover existing data
  2. Assists understanding of your current data landscape — helping you to develop new KPIs faster
  3. Minimizes the risk of creating redundant data elements

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