Five effective cures for your data headaches.

NodeGraph certainly isn’t a medical doctor but we’ve been told our platform has cured a number of common data headaches. No matter what BI tool you are using, whether it’s Qlik, PowerBI, Tableau, or another kind of database, let NodeGraph’s data intelligence platform understand your data issue so we can start easing it together.

How we can soothe your (data) pains:


1. Reassurance that your organization is only using quality secured data

By drilling down metadata as far as field level, NodeGraph shows you exactly where all your data comes from, so you can be confident of its validity. Tracing the origins, movements, and joins of your data provides insight into its quality.



2. It gives you control of your data

NodeGraph allows you to track and trace your data, so you have full visibility of all touchpoints to make evidence-based decisions. You won’t need to rely on individuals to understand every bit of a system or worry about them leaving and taking the knowledge with them.



3. Time, resources, and money will be saved with automation

You can throw manual documentation out the window when implementing or migrating data or apps because as the only fully automated metadata extraction platform on the market, NodeGraph automatically does the work for you, and in much less time.




4. Company-wide collaboration is possible.

NodeGraph supports better data sharing across your organization which aids faster responses to change. Business teams can work together on meta definitions or providing the necessary input for understanding the output in your KPIs and other data-related work.



5. It allows you to confidently trust your data

The platform gives you trust in your data and sources, allowing you to create an accurate impact analysis before making any changes. Decisions can be made in a planned,  measured, and strategic way.


If this has started to ease your pain or you don’t quite see your biggest data headache, contact us and we’d love to hear more. Let’s talk through how we help companies to understand their data. Just book a demo with us today.


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