Why you don’t want to miss QlikWorld (& some must-attend sessions).

By Oskar Fahlvik
Published 7th of May 2021

QlikWorld 2021 is soon here and once again it is digital. Nevertheless, there are a lot of good reasons to attend. Of course, we will all miss the opportunity to meet, network and have fun together again but we just need to accept that the world is changing, adapt and make the most out of the situation.

The fact that the world has changed also has a big impact on how we do business, primarily when it comes to the increased need to be agile and fast-moving. Now really is the optimal time for companies to finetune their business model and product offering and, realistically, it will be the organizations that have the best control of their analytics, metrics and data quality that will be best positioned to make these changes.

Qlik is one of the giants in the data & analytics space as of today and they are continuously moving their product to better support the fast-moving data landscape. Things such as adoption, governance, quick access to data and agile delivery of new applications and KPIs, are clearly on the agenda.

Key focus areas for this QlikWorld

The main topics of the event are:

  • Active Intelligence
  • Qlik Sense Cloud
  • QDI offering

These three areas all have the same mission — to shorten the time from data source to analytics and make the data much more accessible and easier to consume.

Sessions to keep an eye on

There are some sessions connected to this that I would not want to miss:

  • Product keynote by their CPO James Fisher (Understand how it all ties together in the product portfolio)
  • Active Intelligence: Alerting in Qlik Sense (Increase the power of your Qlik Sense environment and drive adoption)
  • Enabling Active Intelligence in your organization with an analytics data pipeline (Understand the vision and how to implement it)
  • Best practices for Snowflake and Qlik Data Integration (A good case to understand the Qlik view of a modern data pipeline)
  • Data Literacy in the real world (This is still a buzzword — valuable to follow but how do you measure it?)
  • Top 10 Business Intelligence & Data trends 2021 by Dan Sommer (Dan Sommers’ insights are always valuable)
  • Accelerate modern SAP Analytics with modern Cloud Data Warehousing (A must-attend for all SAP customers)

Lastly, make to enjoy all the great content at QlikWorld and always remember to question how this can help you and add more value to your business.

Discover, Trust, Act

And remember, for a successful implementation of any Qlik solution, data lineage and data quality are a true must. Only when you combine data and metadata can you begin to Discover, Trust and Act —today, tomorrow and beyond. 

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